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What we care about

Our mission

Our mission is to simplify fresh-feeding by offering balanced dog food produced from trusted whole sources.

It can be daunting when you are re-considering kibble or inconvenienced by preparing fresh food for your dog. No matter where you are in your fresh food journey, we want to make it simple, convenient, and effortless. We do just that as we deliver our wholesome, trusted, and delicious dog food to you!

Our values

Transparency: Transparency of our practices and food composition to our customers and the public.

Nutrition: Passion for excellent dog nutrition and the science behind it.

SentienceWe uphold the theory that sentient beings are the center of moral concern.

QualityQuality in our production standards. Quality in our food sources. Quality in our customer service.

SimplificationSimplify your everyday life. Simplify fresh-feeding. Simplify pet nutrition.


Our bites are better than the competition’s bark

What our customers say:

Cured my dog’s stomach issues from kibble. Best dog food on the market!

Chris F.
Dallas, TX

Great product, extremely fast delivery.

Bryan B.
Dallas, TX

Wonderful customer service!

Sasha J.
Highland Park, TX

Birth of WILD Phoenix

Our story

Our Mascot Phoenix enjoying her entree
Australian Cattle Dog (blue heeler)

Problem solved.

Our brand was developed and founded around three important issues experienced with our mascot Phoenix, and other pet parents in the canine community:

The acute onset of digestive issues

Expect filler-free, wholesome ancestral-style meals from Wild Phoenix!  No sugars or high fructose corn syrup are added to our formulas, and our meals are also absent of whole grains.

Toxicity & contamination issues of kibble

Easily accessible Nutrient Profiles are key in helping you avoid toxicity and deficiency issues, and when working with your veterinarian to diagnose and/or prevent health issues.

Inconvenience of fresh-feeding

Alleviate the stress of mixing fresh-food for your dog, and rest assured that your dog is receivng all of the proper nutrients it needs for optimal health.

Trust in our formulas

Formulated according to the AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) Nutrient Profiles for Adult Maintenance, we use a combination of whole sources to achieve a complete dog food that uses minimal mineral supplements to meet or exceed AAFCO recommended nutrients. Empower your dog’s nutrition by fresh-feeding with a variety of cooked and raw protein sources like dark meat chicken, beef liver, ground raw chicken wings, and supplements that are authentic and bioavailable. Feel confident in knowing that we only use trusted brands that are reviewed by an unbiased consumer research firm.

Innovative dog food for the
particular owner

We make it easy to feed by calorie count

Calories of each pre-packaged portion are listed on our labels, so you can know how many calories your dog is eating. Use our convenient Calorie Calculator to guide you on the quantity of food your dog should consume.

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