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Simplify fresh-feeding while empowering nutrition and convenience.

Why are we the best?

Filler-Free Ancestral Style Meals

We do not add filler foods such as rice, legumes, potato, oatmeal or sweet potato in any of our formulas, nor any preservatives. We use good old fashioned whole meats (chicken, turkey, beef), fresh fruits, seeds, and vegetables. Our mission is to simplify life with your dog, not complicate it with the canine healthcare repercussions from adding fillers to cut down production costs, as some competitive dog food companies do. 

Safe Food Sources and Processes

Our ingredients are USDA approved and sourced and/or distributed from here in the USA, diligently measured, and researched for recalls before incorporating them into our formulas. Our packaging is BPA-Free and FDA approved. We produce our dog food in small batches in professional kitchens and is thoroughly analyzed, never chemically processed with 100% transparency.

Fresh-Feeding Convenience

Fresh-feeding can be time consuming and messy. It is also difficult to actually know if you are mixing the ingredients according to proper nutrient profiles. Let our company do the hard work for you so you can just simply enjoy the time you have with your dog to the fullest. Our food is packaged in ergonomic vacuum sealed bags which last up to 7 days refrigerated and up to 2 years frozen. How’s that for convenience!

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Cured my dog’s stomach issues from kibble. Best dog food on the market!

Chris F.
Dallas, TX

Great product, extremely fast delivery.

Bryan B.
Dallas, TX

Wonderful customer service!

Sasha J.
Highland Park, TX

Let’s empower your dog’s nutrition.

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