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  1. Enter your dog’s weight in lbs.
  2. Choose your dog’s activity level.
  3. Click Help Me Calculate as a guide for the recommended calories your dog should consume.
  4. Use the calories per package to determine the quantity of food you should purchase for your dog.
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Handling and Preservation

Refrigerate or freeze food upon arrival. Our formulas last up to 5-7 days in the refrigerator and up to 2 years frozen.

No cooking is necessary, as our formulas are ready-to-eat. Thaw frozen food by placing entire package in warm water for a few minutes, or use your defrost setting on your microwave. Take care not to cook the food.

Contents contain RAW chicken and bones. Please adhere to the safe handling instructions on the label by washing hands and contact surfaces thoroughly. Although our dog food is manufactured with the same grade of products and brands that you may consume, it is intended ONLY for animal consumption.

No Need to Mix to Switch!

No need to mix WILD Phoenix formulas with your current dog food to switch. There has been no reported physical upset from cold-switching to our formulas. However if you do decide to mix any of our formulas with your current dog food, we recommend contacting that manufacturer to obtain a complete nutrient profile to avoid toxicity issues.

We understand your dog is your baby, and occasionally you may feed them something other than their regular food so we intentionally moderated many of the nutrients to allow food mixing flexibility without fear of fat-soluble vitamin toxicity.