Our WILD Story

wild phoenix Defined

Embodying the spirit of the Phoenix, our brand is a symbol of change and renewal for you and your dog. Arising from the mistakes of kibble predecessors and leading the renewal of good nutrition based on ancestral wild canine diets, WILD Phoenix delivers a second chance at nourishment which could mean the victory of life over death.

Inspired, formulated and branded from our mascot Phoenix – the blue Australian Cattle Dog, which is a descendant of the dingo and able to balance both sides wild and tame — just like our dog food!

The loyalty of dogs should not be taken in vain. Let us always remember they are family for some when none is left, friend in battle when man is weak, and our true confidantes in times of need and pain. A best friend like that needs a loyal food that will help reclaim their primitive powers.

Tackling three important issues

Our brand was developed and founded around three important issues experienced with our mascot Phoenix, and other pet parents in the dog community seem to encounter at sometime:

  • the acute onset of digestive issues
  • toxicity and contamination issues of kibble and
  • inconvenience of fresh-feeding.

In our quest to solve our own problems for Phoenix, we’ve discovered how to help so many and are essentially sharing her dog food with you! Formulated over a three and a half year period, we are proud to introduce you to:

  • a trusted wholesome dog food that delivers ingredient, trace mineral and vitamin transparency
  • a knowledgeable dog food developed with toxicity and deficiency issues in mind
  • a smart, delicious dog food that is fresh, convenient and ergonomical.

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