Why Wild Phoenix?

filler-free Ancestral-Style Meals

Expect filler-free, wholesome ancestral-style meals from Wild Phoenix! Our mission is to simplify life with your dog, not complicate it with the canine healthcare repercussions from adding fillers to cut down production costs, as some competitive dog food companies do. We do not add filler foods such as rice, legumes, potato, oatmeal or sweet potato in any of our formulas, nor any preservatives. We use good old fashioned unprocessed meats (chicken, turkey, beef), fresh fruits, seeds, and vegetables. No sugars or high fructose corn syrup are added to our formulas, and our meals are also absent of whole grains.1

knowledge is power

Feel empowered and confident in choosing WILD Phoenix! Using AAFCO Nutrient Profiles as our guide, we developed our food around a caloric basis, which simplifies the way you see dog nutrition. Understand our formula compositions as easily as you would human food labels! WILD Phoenix provides you with easy access to our Nutrient Profiles so you can know what is in your dog’s food. No fluff. Just real food!

Easily accessible Nutrient Profiles are key in helping you avoid toxicity and deficiency issues, and when working with your veterinarian to diagnose and/or prevent health issues. Respectively, it may lead to less vet bills and health issues for your furry friend when having this information handy.


safe food sources & Processes

Rest easy knowing that Wild Phoenix only uses meats from reputable Dallas metroplex restaurant suppliers, and supplements from quality, trusted brands in the production of our entrées. We produce our dog food in small batches in professional kitchens and with ingredients diligently measured, and researched for recalls before incorporating them into our formulas. Our food ingredients are USDA approved and sourced and/or distributed from here in the USA. Our dog food is thoroughly analyzed, never chemically processed and our ingredients are 100% transparent.

No preservatives, no mystery meats, and no ingredients that you can’t pronounce. We grind some of our own meats and all of our beef liver and chicken bones, in-house. Our meats are fully cooked with the exception of our ground bone-in chicken wings however, we take care to ensure they are fine ground to avoid any risk of your dog choking on large pieces. We use halal meats when available, and some of our other ingredients are organic and non-GMO.2

Our formulas require minimal cooking and steaming, and are specially manufactured to contain nothing naturally toxic to dogs or humans.3 We do not add any preservatives to our foods, taking care to research our supplier products thoroughly before use in our manufacturing. Our packaging is BPA-Free and FDA approved.

Minimal amounts of supplements are added to meet or exceed AAFCO nutrient profiles and are sourced from clean and pure brands that are exempt from toxins and animal safe, natural, highly bioavailable and contain NO sugars, starch, artificial flavors, colors, preservatives or animal by-products. They are also vegan and gluten-free.

fresh-feeding convenience

Explore confidence and convenience with our ergonomic, easy to open packages with wholesome ingredients you can actually see. Just tear and you’re there. Keep hands mess free!

Switching from kibble to our food is as simple as our formulas! There is no need to mix your current food before feeding ours regularly to your dog, and there have been no reported upset stomach occurences.4 Improvements reported are more vibrant and softer coat, cleaner teeth, more energy, no chronic upset stomach, diarrhea or vomiting.

Fresh-feeding can be time consuming and messy. It is also difficult to actually know if you are mixing the ingredients according to proper nutrient profiles. Let our company do the hard work for you so you can just simply enjoy the time you have with your dog to the fullest. Our food is packaged in ergonomic vacuum sealed bags which last up to 7 days refrigerated and up to 2 years frozen. Plus, WILD Phoenix subscription members receive FREE shipping and ultimate savings discounts! How’s that for convenience!

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1 Our formulas are absent of whole grains, however we do use trace amounts of flaxseed lignan oil, and vitamin E oil derived from soy. Flaxseed lignan oil possesses essential fatty acids, and anti-inflammatory properties which can help ease symptoms of arthritis, lower blood pressure, improve kidney function, and maintain healthy skin and coat in dogs. The vitamin E oil is used strictly as a supplement to raise the IU to 50, allowing the meals to have a balanced ratio of Vitamin E to grams of polyunsaturated fatty acids as recommended by AAFCO (The Association of American Feed Control Officials) standards.

2 We use organic vegetables, and non-GMO & organic supplements when available.

3 We cannot account for food allergies in your dog. If your dog is prone to food allergies, consult your veterinarian to help you select the proper food that meets your dog’s nutritional needs. A complete list of ingredients is located on each label of our formulas, and a complete Nutrient Profile is located on our site.

4 If you plan to mix our dog foods with other brands, it is very important to know the composition of your current kibble to avoid exceeding recommended allowances of nutrients which could lead to toxicity issues. Please refer to your current dog food provider for a complete nutrient profile to compare to ours to avoid these issues if you decide to mix our food or add as a topper to your current selection.

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